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Jason Brazier and I am certified by the ISSA (International Sports Science Association) as well as by the National Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC), which is a non-profit educational association recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

I hold a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, with a minor in Kinesiology.

I graduated from Lewis-Clark State College, equipped with a solid foundation of knowledge to serve clients in accordance with best business practices. My knowledge of Kinesiology enables me to take a “mind-body” approach to fitness training, which oftentimes helps clients deal more effectively with difficulties such as stress and fatigue. As you can see, we extend benefits far beyond what you get out of a physical workout, as our workouts positively impact other areas of your life.

I earned my college education on an athletic scholarship, played basketball at Lewis-Clark State College. I served on the Antigua National Basketball team, which competes in the International Basketball Federation (FIBA). That experience enables me to coach clients towards a winning mindset, and the technical skills that come along with that, as they work towards their ultimate fitness. 



Creation Performance OfferS a variety of health and wellness services, including but not limited to, personal training, nutrition counseling, and more.


Our primary focus will be to provide safe and efficient workouts while concentrating on joint health so you will be able to train and be active for decades, not months.  


Individuals will have different needs based on lifestyles, professions and medical issues.  We will tailor each workout to the individual to provide what will be the most beneficial for them specifically, not a general population.

To learn more about the services We offer please CONTACT US.

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“The workout was so worth the pain. The instructor was so good - encouraging, present and pushed everyone to do more than we thought we could.”


— F. Figueroa

“This was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I didn’t know how to feel about it at first but as soon as I started this fitness boot camp I really saw it’s worth. After completing this training I feel much more energized, I lost the weight I was trying to lose for the longest time and With the help of the coach Jason I changed my lifestyle for the better. 100% recommend this place”

— C. Ortiz

“Jason is a great trainer and i love bootcamp! He helped me lose 25 pounds over the last 5 month and taught me how to properly eat. I am never starving and have really learned to pay attention to what i put into my body.”

— A. Herrera





Los Angeles, CA

Tel: 323 736 0833


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