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Image by Anastase Maragos


I highly, highly, recommend Jason Brazier!
He’s dedicated, motivational, knowledgeable and assesses where you are, builds your capacity, challenges you, supports you and is mindful of the aging body. He is extremely professional and observant.

I started my training with Jason back in 2015 and was able to continue my training Via Zoom during the pandemic. It’s been AMAZING being able to reconnect and train in my own space during these crazy times.

Knowing I needed a personal trainer in order to commit to my intention for a firmer, stronger, healthier me. He always has custom-tailored workouts and an abundance of help and guidance. Before working out with Jason I have always struggled to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It was unbearable trying to workout at a gym or at home, as I wasn’t educated on the proper exercises I should’ve been doing for my body and my fitness goals. Having Jason as a trainer has become a crucial part of my weekly routine, thus helping me continue a successfully healthy lifestyle.

Thank you, Jason! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

I am so grateful to Jason and Creation Performance! His training has been absolutely essential to my well-being, especially during this pandemic. His workouts 3 times per week have helped keep me fit despite having to stay at home. The workouts are fun and efficient. Jason provides you with adjustments to the workout, harder or easier, if you need them. I've said countless times how grateful I am for these workouts.

Jason is passionate about his clients and wants us to get results. He's motivating and supportive and I highly recommend Creation Performance. You'll be thrilled with your results!

J. Kopell

Jason is a great trainer. He’s patient, encouraging and pushes you beyond your own effort. In just 3 months I already see progress both in appearance and strength. Especially like how his workouts are short but intense, maximizing time and efforts. Highly recommend him to you no matter your ability.

J. Washington

I can’t say enough good things about Coach Jason and his training. Is it hard? Yes! But in a good way. Do you get results? YES! In a very good way. I did his 6-week challenge. We worked out 3 days a week in 30 minute intervals. I was completely out of shape when we started. I hadn’t been to the gym all year, but one hard look in the mirror let me know something had to be done. Between the exercise and the meal regiment he suggested to follow, I saw a MAJOR transformation in my body and pounds melting off. There is no turning back!


Thanks Jason, YOU’RE THE BEST!

D. Hamilton
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